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ASP FAQ Tutorials :: Classic ASP 1.0 :: General Topics :: Is there an easier way to patch my server(s)?

Is there an easier way to patch my server(s)?

When in doubt, visit Windows Update often
For information on obtaining the latest service packs for Windows 2000, see KB #260910 (Windows 2000). 
For information on obtaining service packs for Windows XP, see KB #322389. Everyone running Windows XP should not be without Service Pack 1 (see a list of fixes here - this page is linked to from KB #324720 and release notes are listed in KB #324722). You can also see a subset of the fixes, namely the security-related updates, at this Technet page
For information on obtaining the latest service packs for SQL Server, see KB #290211 (SQL Server 2000) and KB #301511 (SQL Server 7.0). 
For details about rolling back SQL Server service packs or hotfixes, see KB #330391
For the latest updates to the .NET Framework, see The Home Page: .NET Framework 1.0 Servic...
For the latest version of MDAC, see MDAC 2.8 Download Page. For information about the fixes included in MDAC 2.8, see KB #820761
Keep your scripting engines up to date at Microsoft Script Downloads
For other hotfixes, organized by technology, see The Requested Web Page is Not Available
To be sure you're on top of breaking security news, please subscribe to this security newsletter.
Recent security updates and other information 

It seems pointless to try and keep this list up to date. Please watch TechNet Security for security bulletins and updates; and sign up for any notifications that make sense. This will better equip you for staying on top of hotfixes and patches than having a bookmark to this article... 
  • There is a moderate security patch for users of the Crystal Reports Web Viewer (Visual Studio .NET 2003, Office 2003 with BCM, CRM 1.2) available in Security Bulletin MS04-017 and KB #842689 (June 8). 
  • There is a denial of service vulnerability in Windows 98, 2000, XP, and Windows Server 2003. Read about it in Security Bulletin MS04-016 and KB #839643 (June 8).

  • There is a patch available for a buffer overrun exploit, involving the RPCSS service on Windows NT, 2000, XP, and Server 2003 systems (note that Windows 9x and ME systems are not affected). For more information, see Security Bulletin MS03-039 and KB #824146 (September 10). 
  • There is a patch available for a hole in NetBIOS; see Security Bulletin MS03-034 and KB #824105 (September 3). 
  • There are also some security patches available, based on various exploits found in client applications — such as Microsoft Word. See the following security bulletins to see if you are affected: MS03-035 , MS03-036 , MS03-037 , and MS03-038 (September 3).
  • Microsoft released Service Pack 4 for Windows 2000 — see the release notes and the fix list before installing, especially if your system is currently running fine and is up to date with the security patches listed below (June 26). 
  • There is a patch available for an ISAPI vulnerability in Windows 2000 / Windows Media Services, available in Security Bulletin MS03-022 and KB #822343 (June 25). 
  • There is a patch available for an exploit in Windows Media Player 9, available in Security Bulletin MS03-021 and KB #819639 (June 25). 
  • Microsoft has updated its Baseline Security Analyzer to support the Windows Server 2003 line of products (June 4). 
  • There is a cumulative patch for Internet Explorer, including the first security patch available for IE 6.0 on Windows Server 2003, available in Security Bulletin MS03-020 and KB #818529 (June 4).
  • On February 20th, Microsoft updated the set of security tools aimed at SQL Server 2000 and MSDE. I highly recommend you download these and check for / fix any vulnerabilities you may have for the Slammer virus and similar exploits. See Article #2441 for more information. 
    Note that you may have MSDE 2000 installed and not even know it; see this comprehensive list of applications that install SQL Server or MSDE, to see if you have any that may have made you vulnerable.
  • There is an 'important' patch for Windows XP. See Security bulletin MS03-005 and KB #810577
  • There is a 'critical' patch available for Internet Explorer. See Security bulletin MS03-004 and KB #810847
  • If you're currently running SQL Server 2000, you may be affected by the SQL Server UDP 1434 Worm (a.k.a. W32.Slammer) -- please see the latest TechNet update, check for vulnerability using the tools mentioned in Article #2441, and then apply the patches from Security bulletins MS02-039 and MS02-061, then install SQL Server 2000 SP3a. Note that the only difference between SP3 and SP3a are fixes in the setup routine, so if you already have SP3 installed you shouldn't try to install SP3a. 
    This issue was addressed in July of 2002, but clearly there are many systems out there that haven't installed the patches (or are holding off on upgrading to SP3). Note that SQL Server version 7.0 and earlier (and MSDE 1.0) are immune to this attack; however, all editions of SQL Server 2000 (including MSDE) are vulnerable -- unless patched as per above. 
  • On January 26th, Microsoft released SP3 for SQL Server 2000 MSDE as well. You can read about it at this downloads page or on the main SP3 page. MSDE is also going to receive some updates today or tomorrow to help alleviate the problems introduced by the W32.Slammer virus. Watch KB #813440 for more details. 
  • If you're running Exchange Server and using Outlook 2002/XP clients, you should have a look at Security bulletin MS03-003
  • There is a cumulative update for Microsoft Content Management Server 2001 in Security bulletin MS03-002
  • A patch has been released for a newly discovered unchecked buffer exploit; if you are running a domain controller, this patch is considered crtical, and should in any case be installed on all computers running NT 4.0, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. For more details, see Security bulletin MS03-001
  • SQL Server 2000 users should download SP3. It is available at Microsoft TechNet: SQL Server 2000 - Dow.... This service pack is cumulative, so you can apply it even if you haven't installed service packs 1 and 2. Please read the readme and its addendum (KB #330022), as well as the fixlist (KB #306908).

Older patches (unlikely to be relevant now) 

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