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ASP FAQ Tutorials :: Classic ASP 1.0 :: Email Scripts & Info :: Why can't ASP handle 80,000 e-mails?

Why can't ASP handle 80,000 e-mails?

If you're sending out bulk e-mail to 80,000 people, ASP is not the tool you want to use. You probably want to schedule an application that handles this in the background, instead of relying on a request/response-based technology. 
If you are using CDONTS, you may have come across 80040020 or 80070020 errors, in which case you'll want to check out KB #181697 ... 
Simply put, ASP scripts aren't meant to run for as long as it can take to send out 80,000 individual e-mails. It may work if you send, say 800 e-mails with 100 BCCs each, and use a mail object that supports queueing. But that's still a lot of strain on your web server, your SMTP server, and your network in general. You can see an example of using CDONTS and WSH to schedule blocks of e-mails in KB #221495. If your distribution lists are getting this large, perhaps it's time to consider enlisting the help of listserv software and/or services. 
If you are running SQL Server, and have control over the server, you might consider installing XPSMTP. This way, you can schedule a job to break apart large chunks of your task, without relying on ASP and without having to go through the hassles of configuring SQL mail and a MAPI account on the SQL Server box. I have implemented this extended stored procedure with great success; see Article #2403 for information on its usage.

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