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ASP FAQ Tutorials :: Classic ASP 1.0 :: Date/Time Routines :: Can I make VBScript format dates for me?

Can I make VBScript format dates for me?

Well, VBScript's FormatDateTime leaves a lot to be desired. There really are only two ways to format a date by itself: VBLongDate and VBShortDate. Below are a few functions that will help you get dates into other relatively common formats. Many of these functions use the following function, from Article #2300
    Function pd(n, totalDigits) 
        if totalDigits > len(n) then 
            pd = String(totalDigits-len(n),"0") & n 
            pd = n 
        end if 
    End Function 
(This is the preferred date format for passing dates to a SQL Server database, as it eliminates the need to worry about regional settings. See Article #2260 for more information.) 
    response.write YEAR(Date()) & _ 
        Pd(Month(date()),2) & _ 
(This is the only safe date format to pass to Access.) 
    response.write YEAR(Date()) & _ 
        "-" & Pd(Month(date()),2) & _ 
        "-" & Pd(DAY(date()),2) 
    response.write Pd(DAY(date()),2) & _ 
        Pd(Month(date()),2) & _ 
    response.write Pd(Month(date()),2) & _ 
        Pd(DAY(date()),2) & _ 
    response.write pd(DAY(date()),2) & "-" & _ 
        pd(MONTH(date()),2) & "-" & _ 
    response.write pd(RIGHT(YEAR(date()),2),2) & "-" & _ 
        pd(MONTH(date()),2) & "-" & _ 
    response.write pd(MONTH(date()),2) & "/" & _ 
Month D 
    response.write MonthName(Month(date())) & _ 
        " " & DAY(date()) 
DD Mon YY 
    response.write pd(DAY(date()),2) & " " & _ 
        MonthName(Month(date()),true) & _ 
        " " & RIGHT(YEAR(date()),2) 
Weekday, Month D 
    response.write WeekdayName(Weekday(Date())) & _ 
        ", " & MonthName(Month(date())) & _ 
        " " & DAY(date()) 
Please let us know if there are any other date formats you'd like to see. 

Replicating VB's Format() function 
Thanks to Chris Hohmann, who pointed out a script by Scott Dixon which provided the basis for the following: 
    Function Format(vExpression, sFormat) 
        set fmt = CreateObject("MSSTDFMT.StdDataFormat") 
        fmt.Format = sFormat 
        set rs = CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset") 
        rs.Fields.Append "fldExpression", 12 ' adVariant 
        set rs("fldExpression").DataFormat = fmt 
        rs("fldExpression").Value = vExpression 
        Format = rs("fldExpression").Value 
        rs.close: Set rs = Nothing: Set fmt = Nothing 
    End Function 
    ' sample usage: 
    response.write format(now(), "yyyy-mm-dd") 
    response.write "<br>" 
    response.write format(time(), "hh:mm") 
The fmt object depends on the availability of MSSTDFMT.dll, which is installed by Visual Studio 6.0. I have not tried to run this script on a machine that did not have Visual Studio 6.0 or later installed, so I'm not sure it will work if you simply copy and/or register the DLL on the target machine. 
You can also see this date formatting class for other ideas.

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