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ASP FAQ Tutorials :: Classic ASP 1.0 :: COM / ActiveX Components :: Why do I get 80040111 errors?

Why do I get 80040111 errors?

Microsoft VBScript runtime error '80040111'  
ClassFactory cannot supply requested class 
Server Object error 'ASP 0177 : 80040111' 
Server.CreateObject Failed 
/<file>.asp, line <line> 
ClassFactory cannot supply requested class
You are probably attempting to instantiate a COM object that is not installed - or is installed more than once. If this is your own COM object, you might have to scrounge through the registry and delete instances of ProgIDs that point to older version(s) of the object. Another option is to re-compile the COM object with a new ProgID. If you are not using MTS/COM+, make sure binary compatibility is enabled... this way re-registering the component will replace the old registry references, instead of adding a new GUID each time you compile. 
If you are trying to use MSXML's ServerXMLHTTP class, you cannot use this object in Windows 95 or Windows 98, or on an NT 4.0 machine with an IE version 5.0 or earlier (see KB #279129). 
If you are attempting to create a stock ProgID, e.g. Scripting.FileSystemObject, you might have a corrupted script engine - try reinstalling from Microsoft Script Downloads. If the ProgID is ADODB.Connection, or ADODB.Command, or ADODB.Recordset, or ADODB.Parameter, then you probably have a corrupt MDAC install - apply the latest version (MDAC Download Page). 
If none of the above suggestions help, you might try downloading FileMon and RegMon from www.sysinternals.com; these great utilities can help you pinpoint problems in file or registry access points. 
If you are seeing this error code in the Event Log, associated with Event ID 11, then you may have an Exchange / OWA issue; see KB #222066
If you are getting an error with Outlook Web Access (or a custom application which accesses Exchange through CDO / ASP): 
MAPI 1.0 - [MAPI_E_LOGON_FAILED(80040111)]]
Make sure you are not using anonymous access, and that users are authenticated with at least Basic Authentication (Windows / IE clients should use Windows Authentication). See KB #181739 for more information, and other possible options. For some great information on enabling CDO within ASP, see CDOLive - All you ever wanted to know ab....

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