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ASP FAQ Tutorials :: Classic ASP 1.0 :: COM / ActiveX Components :: Where can I get an updated version of browscap.ini?

Where can I get an updated version of browscap.ini?

Many people view MSWC.BrowserType as the holy grail, taking care of all of their browser detection issues. I'm not going to lie to you: Browscap.ini is a pain. You have to update this file with umpteen new entries every time a new browser version is released. 
There used to be several places where you could download a new version, which someone else updated, pretty much within days of a new User Agent hitting the logs. Microsoft denied responsibility for this file almost immediately after it was born (the version that ships with XP has User Agent strings containing "Windows 2000," which never made it into production UA strings, and its highest Navigator version is 4.0 Beta 2!); Cyscape has not updated theirs since February 11th, 2000; and asptracker.com seems to have been bought out by the pornlords. 
Understandable. Given the explosion of browser versions, and the public availability of betas of betas of betas, it's simply too time-consuming to sit there updating a file with new versions, and making sure your new entries don't step on the feet of any already in the file. The additions of Mozilla, Safari, FireFox and other browsers have made this an even more time consuming task--but hey, at least Netscape no longer has a stranglehold on us with all those buggy dot and dot dot versions that forced us to have 18 possble paths for every HTML element we put in our pages. 
The Easy Solution 
You can use GaryKeith.com's version, which has been kept religiously up to date even after all these years. Download it and make adjustments as you see fit. Note that the version he has is not supported by IIS 4.0. But he has a workaround listed there, which requires registration of a custom COM object... one quite similar to browscap.dll.

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